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Recently engaged and nervous about planning your wedding?

It's cool. We have a juicy little collection of tips to share with you.

What you will discover with this e-Magazine

How to Plan

Tips on spending greenbacks wisely, and working with wedding vendors to get your money's worth.

How to Organize

Quick ways to get and stay organized, so you don't go crazy planning.

How to Cut Expenses

Quick, easy ways to cut & trim expenses for what could otherwise be a mountain of money

How to Keep it Fun

How to keep the planning process for the Wedding of Your Dreams as FUN as possible!


pages of juicy tips

We are Robert & Jordan

Robert Burns II | Jordan Pierce
Co-Founders & Lead Media Directors of Visual Connection Events (VCE)

We are a team of professional wedding photographers & videographers with a passion for making people's lives better. Visual Connection Events is our collective brainchild that serves you, the wedding client, as your one-stop shop for photography and videography, and a lot more. Not only this, it satisfies our creative souls as visual artists -- hence "Visual" in the name. We believe in delivering the absolute highest of value to the people we work with, and truly hope you enjoy your free gift.

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Avaliable as a PDF. Read on desktop or even on your phone.